March 14, 2016

Gardening Organizations

Before you begin, it would be a good idea to read up on native plants so you can choose those that would grow best on your property. The Missouri Native Plant Society is dedicated to the conservation and study of native plants. Grow Native is a limitless resource for those interested in native landscaping. It is like a digital encyclopedia of native plants, where they grow, and how to incorporate them into your garden and landscaping. To this end, their website has links to nurseries and greenhouses throughout Missouri that have native plants for sale. The Missouri Prairie Foundation is  focused on education, outreach, and prairie management in Missouri. You also might consider joining the Missouri Master Naturalists for some formal training that will further your knowledge and for an opportunity to volunteer to conserve nature habitats across the state that need your help. A similar organization is the Missouri Master Gardeners, which provides in-depth horticultural training to individuals who will then go on to volunteer in their community.