Bell’s are Ringing

There are many vireos that visit and breed in Missouri during the summer, but the Bell’s Vireo is a stand-out. This vireo is drably colored but boasts a distinctive and boisterous song. It’s song is probably the easiest way to distinguish it from other similarly colored vireos. The Bell’s Vireo is an insectivore, and lurks in low, shrubby vegetation often near water. To find a Bell’s Vireo, find a woodland or field with a creek running through it with low, shrubby vegetation along either side. Pairs of Bell’s Vireos will sometimes forage together, each spiraling up a plant, taking insects as they find them. This species is Near Threatened, so please upload your checklist to eBird if you happen to find them during your birding adventures.

Look for Bell’s Vireo at these Trail sites:

1. Whetstone Creek CA. The trail along the Whetstone Creek Natural Area, and any other trails along Whetstone Creek will be productive.

2. Weldon Spring CA. Any of the main hiking and biking trails should have Bell’s Vireo singing along them, especially near any of the creeks running through the area.

3. White River Trace CA. Consult the area map, and stick to the area access trails that lead to shrubby fields, hedgerows, and near ponds and drainage ditches.

4. Bois D’Arc CA. Try the hiking trail on the east side of the area.

5. Bridger Urban CA. Take the trail around the Nature Center and towards Lake Jacomo.

6. Swan Lake NWR. There is lots of water near the woodlands and fields at Swan Lake, so take to a path and you should come across some vireos in no time.