January 7, 2016

Get Involved

Once you have developed your basic birding skills, there are many national, state, and local events available to all birders.

  • Project Feeder Watch: This is where birders across the world count and document backyard birds over a five-month period. It is both fun and educational, and you can sign up online.
  • Christmas Bird Counts: This is the America's oldest on-going citizen science project to document winter birds in your area. Contact Audubon for the nearest count in your area.
  • Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC): This annual four-day event in February of each year documents winter birds in your backyard.
  • International Migratory Bird Day: This is a local and worldwide event that takes place on the second Saturday in May of each year. Visit the website to participate.
  • Audubon Society of Missouri: (ASM) annual spring and fall outing. Contact ASM for details.
  • Local Audubon Chapters: have monthly events for members and guests, including meetings with guest speakers and outings. Contact your local chapter for details.