Streams and Rivers


If Minnesota is the land of lakes, Missouri is the land of streams, with over 110, 000 miles of flowing water. These many streams and rivers are a result of the flow of water from uplands in each stream’s respective watershed. As the water flows across the landscape, it can form intermittent, ephemeral, and eventually larger perennial streams. This variety creates unique stream habitats and conditions, which support plants and animals that rely on the connectivity of the river system. There are several stream types in Missouri: grassland/prairie, Ozark, Mississippi lowland, and big rivers. The Mississippi and the Missouri, two of America’s largest rivers, have their confluence in Missouri.

Characteristic Birds

While many waterbirds use streams and rivers, Bald Eagle are the most characteristic of these habitats.

  • Grassland streams flow through rolling plains of dense perennial grasses and some shrubby draws and valleys.